Episode 19

3 Leadership Lessons for Practice Owners

by Dental Growth Domination | February 2, 2023

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There are several leadership styles; some prefer to delegate tasks to their team members, while others choose a more collaborative approach. It’s always a good idea to brainstorm with your staff and get their creative input. If they have a brilliant concept that could boost business profits, why not use it?

Bringing in people with varying ideas can strengthen areas that require more focus. Building such a versatile team will benefit you in the long run! This episode is about how every individual possesses unique attributes that can complement with another creating a perfect chain reaction of growth.

In addition, Naren and Jordon offer some groundbreaking practices and strategies for developing leaders from your workforce while leading your company to success.

“Our team today is the foundation of the future.”

— Jordon


  • 00:37:13 – Naren shares his story of the past, the ups and downs, and the struggles that were actually wrapped-up gifts that got him where he is today
  • 00:41:17 – What is an effective vision?
  • 00:45:07 – Why is building on strengths important?
  • 00:48:51 – What is the Hire Slow and Fire Fast mindset?
  • 00:55:48 – Why are processes, systems, and continual improvements important for leadership?


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