Episode 22

Are PPOs the Devil?

by Dental Growth Domination | February 23, 2023

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Are PPOs limiting your practice’s growth potential and profitability?

Insurance companies not only hurt your cash flow and jeopardize the patient experience but also increase administrative costs, resulting in an average loss of $300K-$550K per year. 

But there is a solution: reduce dependence on PPOs and attract uninsured patients to your membership program. With Jordan’s expert guidance, learn effective strategies to build a recurring revenue stream that improves cash flow, enables team investment, and enhances the patient experience for long-term stability and growth.


  • 00:02:52 – Why are PPOs, bad partners?
  • 00:08:30 – What is the average yearly loss from PPOs?
  • 00:12:40 – How does a practice start reducing dependence on PPOs?
  • 00:20:15 – Why is marketing critical for going out of network?
  • 00:26:38 – What resources do you have for practice owners and office managers?


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