Episode 18

Building a Strong Practice Culture

by Dental Growth Domination | January 26, 2023

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In today’s world, building a solid team is critical. Finding a good team that will make the company stand out is a challenge.

While you might think company culture is just a boardroom buzzword, it can significantly affect your employee morale and business success, especially in a highly competitive landscape.

A great culture gives employees purpose and effectively aligns teams to work towards achieving business goals.

Jordan Comstock, CEO of BoomCloud, is a famous entrepreneur in the dental industry. He learned things over the years through experience from starting a company and hiring employees with different skills, needing to learn how to build a strong team culture that will generate results.

In this episode, Jordon explains the four core values of BoomCloud, where they could constantly analyze people and find the right ones that fit in. It’s essential to take your time to find the right people so that you’re happy, the people around you are more comfortable, and the patients are more satisfied.


  • 00:15:08 – Why is it important to build a strong culture?
  • 00:18:50 – How do you build a strong culture?
  • 00:20:37 – How do you create core values?
  • 00:23:09 – Why is the hiring process critical to bringing in top talent?
  • 00:29:31 – Why is it important to build a strong vision so team members become aligned?


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