Episode 11

Dental Buyer’s Journey

by Dental Growth Domination | December 7, 2022

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To bring patients to your practice, you need to understand the psychology of the patients and what they expect from a practice.

It is the same with any industry, company, organization, or product. Any billion-dollar company understands customers’ journey to drive them to their product. Customers reach out only if their expectations are met and inquiries are settled, especially in the digital space. 

To attract patients, merely throwing a website online doesn’t work. But there are specific criteria you should comply with Google to be among the top 5% of Google Search Results.

In this episode, Naren and Jordon discuss how patients visit a dental practice and what they expect from a dental practice.

Naren further provides detailed insights on making the patients genuinely like and trust your practice through the digital space. 

Not only that, with Ekwa Marketing, you can also arrange a free strategy meeting to discover the deficiencies of the practice in the digital space.

Wait no more! Tune in to this fascinating episode to win tons of patients!


  • 00:45:39 – How does a Dental buyer buy today?
  • 00:54:13 – How to show Ranking on Google?
  • 00:58:08 – How to build trust on Google?


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