Episode 7

Google Ads Versus Google Organic

by Dental Growth Domination | November 9, 2022

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Patients search Google to visit the best practice in their area. Anyone these days running a practice should have an online presence. If your potential patient searches for a dental practice, and if you don’t appear on the first page, it is less likely for a patient to visit your practice. And Google only allows the top 5% of the sites on the first page. And not everyone can merely get to the first page by having an online presence. (Ex:- Having a website for your dental practice does not mean that it will attract new patients from your community.)

There are two possible ways you can get to the first page, Google Organic and Google Ads, and this is what exactly Jordon and Naren discuss in this new episode.

Google Organic is the procedure in which you comply with what Google asks you to do to be in the top 5% of the crowd to get to the first page, which needs effort and a good marketing strategy. At the same time, Google Ads is a method introduced by Google to appear on top of the page as advertisements by spending money.

In this episode, Jordon and Naren discuss the differences between Google Organic and Google Ads, their differences, and how you can use them to grow your practice by attracting more leads(patients) through Google. They also discuss the ROI each method produces.

They further discuss traditional marketing versus online marketing, the pros, and the cons.


  • 00:02:01-Introduction to the episode
  • 00:02:52-Why does google organic have a higher ROI compared to Google Ads
  • 00:06:40-Why are Ads still popular
  • 00:08:45-Why should I use Google ads though they are less effective
  • 00:10:39-Google Ads recommendations
  • 00:12:04-Different types of Ad comparisons
  • 00:17:17-Traditional marketing vs Online Marketing


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