Episode 5

How Patients Buy in 2022!

by Dental Growth Domination | October 26, 2022

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We live in an era where people trust Google more than anyone! Similarly, they are used to searching for the best dental practice near them, checking google reviews, and then deciding where to go for their visit! They will collect as much as they can before coming to you. How is your online presence, and where do you rank in Google? 

In this episode, Jordan and Naren discuss how you can strategically utilize Google to stand in the top 5% to bring in more patients. However, being on Google alone will not promise new leads, even if you are the world’s best dentist.

Naren also explains how Google works and how you can use it in favor of your Dental Practice. By listening to this podcast, you will also learn about the differences between Organic visitors vs. Advertised visitors, plus when and where you can adopt each of these to generate leads in your practice.

He also adds incredible ways to make people trust and like you in the digital world to create a high retention rate.

Naren explains how he and his team have significantly impacted his clients in the digital world to be in the top 5% to drive more traffic and how you can be one of them, too, with just a call.
You can schedule a free Marketing Strategy Meeting with the director of Ekwa Marketing to find out how to improve your dental practice marketing: www.dentalgrowthdomination.com/msm/


  • 00:00:20 – Welcome to the DGD podcast.
  • 00:01:14 – How do patients search for dentists/more about patients searching for dentists online and how it works.
  • 00:03:09 – More information about organic visitors vs advertised visitors.
  • 00:06:17 – Playing along with Google
  • 00:07:54 – When do you need to spend on advertisements?
  • 00:09:32 – How do you get people to trust online?
  • 00:11:18 – How do you get people to like you online?


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