Episode 9

How to Dominate Google Search?

by Dental Growth Domination | November 23, 2022

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To dominate dentistry, you need to dominate Google. But what does Google domination mean?

Google domination means showing up on the first page of Google, having control, and generating 10X patients who visit your practice. Only 5% is allowed to dominate Google, and the rest of the 95% are merely Ads.

In this episode, Naren and Jordon discuss how you can dominate Google by following the rules given by Google itself. No matter how incredible you are, anyone who doesn’t follow has already lost the game.

They also compare and contrast traffic generated and money spent by Google Ads versus Google Organic.

Since Google Organic has two hundred specifications to enter the top 5%, Naren explains it in detail, dividing it into six different precise concepts.

They further discuss the techniques and core tools that Ekwa Marketing utilizes for their clients, which you should also adopt to reach the top 5% to thrive in your dental practice.

Tune in to this informative, enlightening episode!


  • 00:02:48 – Why is Google Ads more expensive than Google Organic?
  • 00:04:50 – Google Organic Traffic vs. Google Ad Traffic, which is better?
  • 00:05:40 – How can you trust Ads?
  • 00:08:45 – Why do only 5% of the sites get 90% of the traffic?
  • 00:10:26 – How to/What can we do to dominate Google?
  • 00:12:57 – About NAP.
  • 00:14:37 – About Lighthouse score(LHS).
  • 00:17:26 – Original Content based on dental perspective.
  • 00:20:21 – Additional tools for SEO ranking.


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