Episode 28

Making Dentistry Convenient

by Dental Growth Domination | April 6, 2023

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Making dentistry convenient is crucial for providing a positive patient experience. With the line between medicine and high-end service blurring, patients expect more than just quality care. They want convenience. Many dental practices need to deliver in this area, particularly regarding scheduling. Patients want to call only one time to book an appointment. Answering every call and making scheduling easy is vital. Patient education is also essential. Dentists can help patients better understand their needs by explaining why certain services are necessary. Practices can improve patient satisfaction and increase appointment bookings by prioritizing convenience and patient education.


  • 00:02:14 – What is a great patient experience?
  • 00:09:53 – How can you improve convenience? 
  • 00:17:27 – Why does reducing insurance dependence on PPOs make it more convenient?


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