Episode 16

Recession Proofing the Practice

by Dental Growth Domination | January 12, 2023

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The economy can vary in different levels in which recession can be an impact of different results. Since there are practice owners who are not experienced in these unexpected situations, building a strong and successful team based on culture is important. The culture around us influences everything we do in a workplace. It can speak volumes to its mission, values, and ideals.

In this episode, Jordan and Naren explains 4 main strategies of core values to identify the right people for the company that makes a team who could lock arms and get committed to working no matter the fluctuations in the economy.

They further discuss tips on creating new opportunities for practice owners and for patients to say yes to treatments and increase your profit margins along with Naren’s expertise in marketing to share 2 simple tips in bringing in new patients that is effective and affordable at the same time.


  • 00:01:59 – How to build a strong team that can join together through challening times?
  • 00:08:25 – Build predictable recurring revenue streams. How does my practice do this?
  • 00:11:52 – Create opportunities for patients by offering patient fininacing.
  • 00:15:17 – Double down on marketing: Find ways to drive organic lead generation .
  • 00:17:47 – Create a Positive attitude


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