Episode 20

ROI of Marketing & Membership Plans

by Dental Growth Domination | February 9, 2023

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Many companies use membership marketing to promote and sustain growth since membership programs are expanding quickly and becoming a crucial component of the marketing toolkit.

A membership plan in your practice can help uninsured and inactive patients achieve better, higher-quality care. With every business needing attraction, retention, and revenue expansion, practice owners put effort into putting money into various types of marketing plans. Getting the maximum use of a membership plan generates more business and encourages your members to spend more. Patients become the best kind in your practice as they become committed.

In this episode, Jordan shares three healthy, effective methods where the most successful practice applies one or more strategies that significantly increase its recurring revenue and membership base. It also helps you learn what membership marketing is, why it’s essential, and how to get it right.


  • 00:31:44 – What is a membership plan and how do membership programs make my practice revenue?
  • 00:37:01 – What are the costs associated with a membership plan?
  • 00:42:04 – What is the average usage rate and ROI of a membership plan?
  • 00:47:33 – What happens when you add marketing to grow a membership plan?


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