Episode 14

The Scrappy Entrepreneur

by Dental Growth Domination | December 29, 2022

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Entrepreneurship is a noble word; taking financial leaps, significant risks, and having the desire to change the whole world, bringing innovations by believing in themselves when that is precisely the hardest thing to do; in other words, they are relentless in what they desire to achieve.

Jordan Comstock, CEO of  BoomCloud, is a famous entrepreneur in the dental industry; he defines himself as a scrappy entrepreneur (having little resources and being able to kick ass)

According to Jordon, due to rapid technological change, dentists must adapt to technology quickly and dump the insurance companies.

In This episode, Jordon discusses his journey from being unaccepted by 75 jobs to an entrepreneur building his realm. With that, he also provides other groundbreaking advice related to business and entrepreneurship for all the listeners in the Dental Space.


  • 00:01:11 – Jordon’s definition of a scrappy entrepreneur.
  • 00:02:05 – Jordon’s journey in the dental industry.
  • 00:05:58 – Why did Jordon become an entrepreneur?
  • 00:08:00 – Young Jordon’s entrepreneurship.
  • 00:08.55 – The story of BoomCloud.
  • 00:19.03 – Should you commit to your idea, or should you pivot? 
  • 00:20:11 – Jordon’s prophecy related to dentistry.
  • 00:25:00 – Business advice from Jordon.


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