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Welcome to the Dental Growth Domination Podcast

by Dental Growth Domination | October 5, 2022

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Are you willing to look into your dental practice problems, solve these problems by DOMINATING them, and create recurring practice revenue growth? 

If that question made you excitedly say yes! in your mind, the Dental Growth Domination Podcast is what you have been missing in your professional life.

Naren Arulrajah and Jordon Comstock co-host the Dental Growth Domination Podcast. Together they will discuss 6 themes that will help every practice owner dominate dental practice growth by marketing the practice the right way and creating a continuously growing revenue. 

Tune into this episode as Naren and Jordan discuss what the podcast is all about, a little bit about themselves, and how they intend to help practice owners through the podcast!

Naren Arulrajah is the Founder and CEO of Ekwa Marketing. He is a self-described “serial entrepreneur” who started Ekwa Marketing after going through a very challenging period in his life. He has now brought together a talented team of global experts in all areas of digital marketing. Ekwa’s International client base currently numbers about 200 at all stages of practice, from start-ups to growth, transitioning to new leadership, and merger and acquisition.

Jordon Comstock is the CEO and Founder of BoomCloud. Jordan is a revenue geek passionate about solving problems and creating recurring revenue growth. He started his career in dentistry over 15 years ago, managing a dental lab. Jordan realized the need to create membership plans to benefit the industry – dental practices and patients. In addition, he wanted to help practices generate recurring revenue and break free from dental insurance companies’ hold over them. He started BoomCloud in 2015 with this goal in mind.

Tune into the first podcast episode to learn more about this podcast from Naren & Jordan! 


  • 00:00:20 – Introduction to the episode
  • 00:00:56 – Why did Naren and Jordon start this podcast?
  • 00:01:26 – What are the themes that will be covered in this podcast?
  • 00:05:28 – Why did they name the podcast Dental Growth Domination?
  • 00:06:30 – Why is it important to dominate in business?
  • 00:08:15 – Naren and Jordon talk about themselves.


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