Episode 21

Why Original Content Matters!

by Dental Growth Domination | February 16, 2023

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Originality is crucial in your content creation strategy to be relevant and informative.

The effectiveness of your SEO ranking depends on the quality of your original content.

Being distinctive could be one of your best tools for giving your website or business a competitive advantage in the face of the billions of blog posts and campaigns launched daily.

In this episode, Naren explains how posting relevant and helpful information at the appropriate time enables you to interact with the target audiences regularly.

This approach can bring reliable, high-quality traffic to your website if appropriately implemented.

In the long run, it should raise patient confidence in your practice and promote brand visibility.


  • 00:57:11 – A recap on the importance of NAP, Lighthouse, EAT, Original Content, BackLinks, and Reviews
  • 01:00:42 – Defining Duplicate Content and Original Content
  • 01:05:40 – What is Google’s Threshold for Duplicate Content?
  • 01:06:21 – What are the best practices for content?
  • 01:09:39 – What are some mistakes practice owners make with regard to original content?
  • 01:11:06 – If I want to take my marketing to the next level, what can I do?


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